Theory exam for the boat driver’s licenses cat. A-powerboats and D-sailing boats

The theory exam for boats (cat A and D) has changed into « muliple choice system » since June 2015. As already well known for the car drivers exams, two correct answers are now possible.


  • 60 questions per exam

  • 3 answers per question

  • Duration remains 50 min

New since June/July 2015:

  • One or 2 answers may by correcct

  • 60 questions with 3 answers score 180 points

  • Each wrong answers scores 1 negative point

  • The exam is passed with a maximum of 15 negative points

New theory questions

Along with these changes new questions have been added.

All these changes, in accordance with the swiss and Lake of Constance laws and regulations for inshore navigation are in force since early 2014 and have been included in our study material.

Questions in our software are automatically updated and revised.

Do you have any questions regarding the boat theory exam ? Can we be of any help ? Please contact us with the contact form.

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